pedal and paddle end to end - on a ti bike and flax canoe! - John O'Groats to Lands End~400 miles on water 600 miles on land
Starting in the summer of 2013, Alistair Cope will set off from John O'Groats heading for Lands End. He will paddle his Flaxland canoe (bike on board) on the lochs, canals and rivers and where the water runs out, he'll be back on his qoroz bike, towing the canoe behind him.
This arduous expedition is likely to take 9 weeks with about 400 miles
(rather slow in a canoe) on water and 600 miles on land.
This site is under construction at the moment................but just to give you a little taster, here are some pics from our first land and water trials.
......if you want to be part of the project
we are currently talking to sponsors.
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