Pedal and Paddle Edinburgh to Exmouth - using the inland waterways as much as I can
Starting on Saturday 17th August near Holyrood in Edinburgh, about 390 miles of cycling, towing the traditional Flaxland canoe which is full of kit, together with 300 miles of canoeing with my Pashley bicycle on-board, now stretches ahead of me!

Just whose stupid idea was this?

The first coastal stretches will be a bit of a memory lane for me, as I  circumnavigated the UK coastline in 2010 counterclockwise,  so I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of it going the other way! 

Days 1 to 3 are all on land
Two full on days of cycling and then the first stretch of water on the
approach to York 

Days 4 and most of 5 on land with a half day on the Ouse to York

The next couple of weeks will mostly be on water, with over 111 locks ahead. I've never really done anything quite like this before by canoe, let alone with my bicycle on-board and for this length of time!

If all goes well, by the time I reach the next map it should be
Wednesday 11th September and I'll be starting to think....
"Hey, I can do this!"

I've got a mixture of water and land and a couple of big days to manage before
my final day
Saturday 14th September 2013

Exeter to Exmouth!
(my easiest & shortest day)

We really hope that the last day will be a massive day for everyone!

It is hoped to get as many boats/canoes out and also bicycles with lots going on for the charities  More details will be posted here as it all starts to come together.